Past Projects

Oliver Paving Company strives to perform quality road construction in the Charlotte area as it has since 1972.

Curbs are familiar sights by the street or in a parking lot, but landscape curbs are growing in popularity

Curbs reduce the amount of space or right-of-way required for a street by eliminating drainage swales and their flat side slopes; curbs also reduce the lengths of driveways built from streets to homes or businesses

Concrete Curb And Gutters

Concrete curbs or combined curbs and gutters serve several important functions. Curbs collect water from crowned pavements and convey it to points of collection, thus reducing the amount of water that gets under the pavement. They outline the edges of pavements and provide easily definable borders between traveled and untraveled surfaces. They confine pavement structures, especially if the pavements are composed of layers of materials that must be compacted in-place. Curbs help contain low speed traffic within the edges of pavements

Curb and Gutters, Concrete

Curbs strengthen pavements.
The confining of flexible pavements by concrete curbs improves compaction during construction and helps maintain the integrity of edges under traffic. The added thickness given to edges of concrete pavements by integral curbs increase strength and stiffness, reduce deflections induced by traffic loads, and therefore extends pavement life.

HUB. WBE, womens business enterprise

Concrete curbs around garden beds serve several functions. They retain water in the bed. They prevent mulch and stone from escaping onto the lawn or sidewalk.